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8.Mary go  to bed after she  had  drunk the medicines.

               A                         B     C        D

Answer : A
Reason : Subject + had + verb3 rd. form
               Mary went  to bed after she had drunk the medicines

9.   The Egyptians first discovered that dying fruits preserved it, made it sweeter and
                                A                              B                                                   C
improve  its flavor.

Answer : B
Reason : The egyptians first discovered that is dying fruits preserved it, made it sweeter and improve its flavor

10.  If Rudy would have studied  German in college, he wouldn’t have found the
                                 A                                    B  
scientific terminology so difficult to understand.
      C                                         D
Answer : A
Reason : If + subject + had + v3, Subject + would have + v3
  If rudy had studied german in college, he wouldn't have found the scintific terminology so     difficult to   understand

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