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Tulisan 3

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Before you go ......

View this mine ..
There's always empty gaze
Karna's heart always hurt

Before you go ......

Ask your heart ..
What is the sincerity that I gave
Just a lie

Before you go .....

I will make sure ..
Sebenci whatever you had on me
I accept his peace of heart

Before you go .....

Listen to my cry ..
I do not look and value
From a past ..
Love that I gave to you
Extraordinary love
But his boggle you why

Before you go .......

I was sure
Brittle your love
Love your shaky
Turn your love towards
Just cuz wind

Before you go ......

I want to say ..
Do you punish me cuz my past
My love is in your Karna was never guilty

Feel .... and
Listen to your conscience
Do I love this ignoble

Go ... Go ..
My T will never resist
cuz your love was not fast
For the defense right ..
I'm sorry hunny ..

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